Our Staff

Sandy White, Director: Email - BarlowEducation@yahoo.com

Kristen Lavier: Preschool Teacher (2's)

Amelia Philbin: Preschool Teacher (3's)

Molly Rodnite: VPK Teacher

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Sandy White, Director
Dimi Leventis

Miss Dimi has been working during summer camp and afternoons since May of 2018. This year Miss Dimi is teaching the 2 year old class. She is also teaching us American Sign Language. She is working towards an elementary education degree and expects to graduate in 2022.

Miss Sandy has been the director at Barlow Little Palms Preschool since July of 2015. She has 17 years of experience in early childhood and loves the challenges and joys of working with young children. She is preparing our students for kindergarten in the VPK class.

Amelia Philbin

Miss Kristen has been the 2 year old teacher at Barlow Little Palms Preschool since July of 2017. She is a mother of three young children and loves to teach our youngest friends.

Miss Amelia has been teaching at Barlow Little Palms Preschool since August of 1996. She is a mother of two young adults. She enjoys teaching our 3 year old friends. Her favorite saying is "I will let them be little and fill their hearts with laughter, help them grow wings, nurture their sense of wonder and I will inspire them to believe and love them like there is no tomorrow".