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Barlow was an answer to our prayers. Miss Jessica and Miss Amelia set the tone during the summer establishing confidence in what is provided. Miss Molly hit it out of the park with her environment, her daily activities, “jobs” and how she knows her kids individually! There are not enough words to express our sincere gratitude for what we have experienced at Barlow. Michael is disappointed when the weekends or holidays come because he WANTS to go to school! That has NEVER been the case before. Thank you for providing an educational program that provides a refuge from what the world provides and for including chapel every week. We will miss Barlow! Miss Sandy has been extremely helpful in all aspects as your director. May you keep these beautiful women for they are truly God’s greatest, and invite a spirit that is irreplaceable! Barbara [Michael, VPK]

My favorite thing about preschool is the playground, I think that it is most important for my daughter to be outside playing vs. inside. The reason my daughter attends this preschool is the #1 the outside playground and #2 the adults/teachers that are at the school. –three year old family We love all of our teachers! The intimacy of the small school is something we searched for. We will miss Barlow when VPK is over. VPK family

I had a recommendation from a friend to go to look into Barlow Ed for my 2 year old. I had a new baby and knew my son would likely benefit from stimulation outside the home. I started with just 3 days a week. He loved it and now goes every day for a few hours. He has learned so much and I know the loving teachers and stimulating environment has brightened his world! Thank you!Alison [Charlie, age 2]

We’ve had the true pleasure of getting to know Miss Jessica and Miss Amelia over the past two years. Logan has just loved going to school at Barlow Little Palms, as well as to the awesome summer camps! From day one I have always felt like I’m leaving him in very loving and capable hands…almost like with a family member, but a family member with a degree in early childhood education. He has learned so much, and been presented with so many new ideas and opportunities, but all through age-appropriate play and fun. We also love the smaller, more intimate feel of Barlow. Logan has always gotten so much 1:1 attention, and has really bonded and formed great relationships with all of his classmates. I just can’t say enough good things, and would highly recommend Barlow Little Palms to anyone looking at preschools. Tracy Kepler [Logan, age 3]

From the first visit we made to Barlow we knew it was exactly what we were looking for in a preschool. The teachers and staff are so loving and caring with our children all while helping develop an early love for school and learning. The teachers put such thought and planning into their class, making learning fun-filled with crafts and projects that the kids always enjoy doing. It has been such a blessing to our family to find Barlow and know that every day that they’re at school they’re being so well cared for. The wonderful teachers help the kids foster new friendships with their classmates, encourage their spiritual growth, and make our children feel safe and loved. We couldn’t ask for more in a preschool. Lauren [Jake, VPK; Reagan, age 2]

Anthony loves school at Barlow!! As a parent I couldn't be happier, knowing my son is in a loving and caring environment. The staff is wonderful and treats my son as their own. I was rather hesitant to place my son in a childcare facility; however, I felt confident with Barlow upon my first visit. I would definitely recommend Barlow to any parent! Thank you Barlow! Kristin [Anthony, age 2½]

We are thrilled with the progress our daughter has made in just 3 months at Barlow. She has come to know, love and trust Miss Gayle and Miss Cathy. She is so excited to go to school and see the teachers and her friends. We love the Christian values and the special activities they plan. We are thankful we can re-send her next year when she will be 3 and she will have the same teachers. Wouldn't' change a thing! Becky [Arabella, age 2]

I highly recommend Barlow Education Center. The teachers and staff are absolutely wonderful. They have great relationships with the children and fill their days with knowledge, creativity, and love. In the last 2 years, my daughter has always come home with a smile on her face and stories of new things she's learned. We'll both miss Barlow next year! Kristin [Katie, age 4 (VPK)]

We love Barlow! Nothing but the best reviews! Teachers are caring and wonderful! We will miss each one. We also thank you for the preparation for the twins next year. Marci [Johnny & Jessie, age 4 (VPK)]

The teachers and staff at Barlow Education Center are the most loving and caring group of individuals. My daughter looks forward to going to school each week. I am extremely pleased with how much she has learned and developed. It is such a warm and welcoming environment. I couldn't imagine sending her anywhere else. "I love my school!" Katrina [Malaina, age 3]

My son has been here for the last 2 years - "Loves It!" He never wants to miss a day. He is always happy to go. He enjoys his teachers and has learned a lot. I have seen him grow up so fast and know so much. I feel he is well rounded with education. There is a balance of school, pay and spirituality. I would and have recommended this school to anyone. His teachers are very caring people!!! He will be prepared for kindergarten because of it!!! Timsy & Terry [Terry, age 4 (VPK)]

Barlow is fantastic!! Just what I wanted for my daughter's preschool experience - small class size, Christian values and nurturing teachers. Miss Gayle and Miss Cathy are so in tune with the preschooler's mind, body and soul. Eva potty trained (or really finished out her potty training) in one week. What took us 6 months at home took 2 days (and 10 stickers) with her teachers. Eva tells me her favorite parts of preschool are singing songs, the playground, and playing toys. She feels loved here and that is truly a blessing!! Jill [Eva, age 2½]

Never expected to find the perfect school for our son's special needs. Barlow Education Center happened to us unexpectedly. Our son has grown up to be a smart child with fantastic social skills and has a desire to learn. Miss Gayle and Miss Cathy are more his friends who love him and take care of him. He is adored in his school. My son looks forward to be here each morning and that makes my day. I truly believe Barlow Education Center is a great place for my son. I am glad I got to know about it at the right time. Paromita [Tushar, age 3]

Barlow is the most loving, nurturing preschool I have found. J.P. is my third child, and he is fairly quiet and shy. He started Barlow when he was 3, in November and was immediately loved by Miss Gayle and Miss Cathy. He has learned so much from Miss Melissa and Miss Amelia and looks forward to attending each day. Miss Judy has the preschool wonderfully organized but not so structured that it is stressful for students or parents. It is always a fun, inviting place. I wish all of my children would have attended the Barlow Center. Janet [J.P., age 4 (VPK)]

Thank you so much Miss Melissa and Miss Amelia for making my daughter's school experience a great one! Elisa comes home eager to tell me what she learned in school that day. She also loves the projects she makes in class. Elisa loves school and says her favorite teacher is Miss Amelia. Thank you for all you do. Miss Amelia, thank you for the beautiful reindeer you made. It was a absolutely beautiful. I'm sure it took lots of time to make. I will treasure it forever. Veronica [Elisa, age 4 (VPK)]